Let me put 35 years of picture-taking and developing experience together for you.  Expect great shots and an enjoyable experience.

Rich Gorberg has been involved in photography for over 35 years professionally and as an amateur, operating his first black/white darkroom in the early 70's.  It was there that he discovered his interest in lighting, composition, and variations in processing techniques.  He shot weddings and other events for friends and family. 

Rich discovered digital photography during the summer of 2000 where he purchased his first digital camera and software to work with his pictures.  From there, he was hooked!  Now, he works with digital photography exclusively and the computer serves as the darkroom.  A number of software tools are used to design and modify his pictures.  He is constantly upgrading and studying new methods to produce quality pictures as well as special effects and picture modifications.

When it comes to working with clients, Rich takes total responsibility for everything from order taking, picture sessions, production of the finished pictures, and all correspondence with his clients.  There is no "finger-pointing" when you work with Rich on your photographic needs.

In the areas of Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, no one in the Triangle area has more experience or has done more than us.  We have been doing about 30 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs/yr. for the past 5+ yrs. and families always hire us for their siblings when their time has come.  The "combination package" of reception coverage plus the photo booth has been a hit with our families since it was introduced in the beginning because it provides the right mix of professional coverage for the families and wonderful photographic gifts for the guests, while keeping budgets in line. 

For corporate events, we cover receptions, award ceremonies, and also offer instant photographs for the guests as part of a complete package.  Again, corporate clients love the professional coverage while offering a fun and long-lasting event momento that keeps their corporate name in front of the guest on a durable product that the guest never discards.   Having a professional photographer actually pose the guests and allowing the guests to preview their picture prior to printing keeps the final product a step above from other instant on-site photography solutions.  We now do about 30-40 corporate events/yr and our clients tell us our service is a "must-have" each year.

Please call or write for information about your special needs.  Thanks.  Rich

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