We have been providing on-site printing at events since 2002, but times have changed! 

Guests now bring their own smartphones and take lots of pictures of themselves and their families at events.   We thought, let's come up with a way to create nice prints for guests at an event, complete with lettering, colors and logos.  Our new Instagram Printers provide the perfect alternative to a "photo booth" by allowing the guest to create their own pictures!  Since your guests are taking their own pictures, there is no waiting as you might have at a traditional photo booth setup.

This service is perfect for:
-  Corporate events (large groups are fine, even over large areas of an event)
-  Bar/Bat Mitzvahs (adults and kids are always snapping pictures of their friends and family)
-  Weddings and Anniversaries
-  Reunions

Here's how it works:
1.  Your guests must have an Instagram account and must make their profile "public".
2.  We set a Hashtag for your event  (say
#richevent).   We'll provide stand-up cards for your tables to let everyone know.
3.  Your guests take pictures throughout the event and share them with the Hashtag.

4.  All pictures with that tag are downloaded to our print station.  They have a customized border added and are printed out immediately.
5.  Your guests stop by to pick them up!  We'll display them on a table or stand.  It only takes a few minutes.

Customized Graphics for Finished Prints
-   We'll design a graphic overlay and add it to each picture printed.   Here are a few ideas:

When the event is over:
-   The host receives a CD of the original images sent by the guests and the digital images with the border applied

-   4x6 or 5x7 prints
-   Mounting of pictures in folios

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