Photo Album Ordering Suggestions

To save you time for your album selection, I've compiled the most important options and suggestions.

I prefer to use 10x10" albums, permitting viewing of your photographs without "twisting" the album.  Your photographs are always mounted so you can view them properly.  Also, the albums are hand-built for the number of photographs you select, so there are no extra blank pages at the end.  All albums all feature "piano-hinges", so they lay flat when opened. 

I ask you to view the finished photographs prior to mounting, as the mount is permanent and cannot be changed without destroying the photograph and the album page. 

Questions? write me at:, or call 919-676-6000

Here's what to do:

  1. Place your order for your photographs.  When they arrive, we'll meet so you can view/approve them and set the order for the finished album.
  2. When we meet, you can select the following:
  • Album Cover Design
  • Album Color
  • Mat Design (gold or black edge on the page, and gold or black edge around the photograph).  I recommend the gold edge page with gold edging surrounding each photograph.


    00--Plain                        07--Filigree                   13--Torah                    20--Majestic                23--Heirloom

   26--Vineyard                    27--Vanity                 31--Elegance               32--Vistana


Bonded Leather Color Selections

02-Wine       03-Green       08-Blue       10-White         13-Ivory     14-Slategrey   15-Black        16-Sable

Cowhide Leather Color Selections

80-Brite White     81-Merlot       82-Red     83-Rain Forest     85-Black    87-Vanilla    88-Navy Blue       89-Saddle Tan

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